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"Lets you breathe underwater and swim through slime without harm. Does not protect against lava."
— Quake Manual

The Biosuit is a Quake powerup that allows you to jump into Slime without taking damage. In addition, it gives the player infinite air while underwater. It appears as a futuristic suit looking like a combination between a hazmat suit and scuba gear. The player's vision takes on a green tinge when wearing it. The biosuit expires after 30 seconds, so use it wisely!

Scourge of Armagon introduces a similar new powerup - the Wetsuit.


The Biosuit appears in select maps. If you see a biosuit, there's usually a pool of Slime or an Underwater area that has goodies in it, so find it and jump in!


  • The Enforcer appears to be wearing an armored Biosuit.

Timeout MessageEdit

  • Air supply in Biosuit expiring
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