P biker
Biographical information
Physical description



6'5" (1.96 m)[1]


295 lbs. (134 kg)[1]


Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher

Additional information



Biker appears in and is a playable character in Quake 3 Arena. He is an enemy warrior in Tier 4 in the singleplayer mode of Quake 3 Arena.

Biker generally insults around when he's losing the match. He favors Plasma Gun and Rocket Launcher.

Quake III biography Edit

Biker is crude and coarse: a bully who gets his kicks out of hammering helpless opponents. He may not be smart or brave, but he's brutal as hell..
He's the thuggish follower type. He's more likely to be found in a rural wide-spot-in-the-road type bar (with his grungy bike parked outside) than anywhere else. A bit slow-witted and full of hostility, kind words are few and far between with this guy. If Biker had any charm, he beat it out of himself long ago.[1]


A demonic head in a pentagram can be found at the back of Biker's jacket. This is another example of Doom imagery found in the game.


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