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Beserk 2
Berserker (Q2)


Attack Damage

10-20 (Melee)

Found in

Quake 2


This Bald-mutha is one deadly freak. He may hit the dirt easy, but he’ll get up and is relentless in his pursuits.

—Quake 2 Manual

In Quake 2, the Berserker is a fast humanoid Strogg that only uses melee attacks. Much healthier and quicker than the Gunner without ranged weapons, it appears to have been created from captured humans, which is both visually apparent from the human torso and head with drastic cybernetic augmentations, and also based on the fact that a Berserker will utter the word 'Trespasser' on visual contact with the player; clearly a word from human language. Despite having no ranged attacks, the Berserker has a decent amount of health, making it hard to one-shot kill it. It is also often strategically positioned behind doors and around corners to scare the living daylights out of the player. This is not merely a scare tactic, however, as just a moment of hesitation brought on by surprise is all that is required for the Berserker to land devastating blows on the player, inflicting massive damage very quickly. It is at its most dangerous in claustrophobic, small or narrow rooms where the player's room for maneuver is severely restricted and avoiding its melee attacks is that much more difficult.


  • Alone, a Berserker is easy to kill. The Super Shotgun, Railgun, Rocket Launcher, grenades (Hand and Launcher) can kill it in two to three hits. The Chain Gun and Hyperblaster can tear it up to chunky kibbles in no time. If the player is aware of his/her surroundings, then he/she can more easily strafe backwards whilst shooting the Berserker, thus keeping him away from the player and avoiding damage.
  • When fighting more than one Berserker, use your Chain Gun or Hyperblaster against them. Their fast rates of fire will tear them up before they can attack you. Explosives are too risky, as their speed will close any distance in a short time, leaving you blowing yourself to bits.
  • The Berserker is one of the fastest Enemies in the game and will easily close the gap between a still or slow moving player. This can easily result in the Berserker being hit by other Strogg. This of course will result in the Berserker attacking said Strogg and leaving the player time to escape.
  • While Berserker's blade-arm attacks faster than mace-arm they are both quite slow. You can easily provoke Berserker to strike the air which will stop him for a while due to slow attack animation. This is the best way to deal with Berserkers in confined spaces or if you simply unwilling to run away from it too long.
  • With other enemies, the Berserker can become deadly. Like the Knight or the Death Knight, the Berserker can close up escape routes when you're fighting off multiple enemies, forcing you to take them on without an escape route. Trying to focus on the Berserker will make you very vulnerable, so don't focus everything on it. Instead, take out your Chain Gun or Hyperblaster and unload it on anybody near you. Because the Berserker will constantly be running towards you, it'll get caught in the fire and torn to shreds.

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