In Quake 3, the Battle Suit is a Powerup that makes it impossible for the user to be harmed by splash damage, and it also absorbs a fair amount of damage; it cuts all damage in half and allows the bearer to enter lava and slime without being harmed. It lasts for 30 seconds and respawns after three minutes. When a player has it, a golden glow surrounds him.

In Quake Live, Battle Suit is modified to protect the bearer from half of any incoming damage, and absorbs full self/splash damage.


  • With a Battle Suit, you are a killing machine! Since splash damage doesn't affect you, use Rocket Jump or Grenade Jump to move around. You can also get close and personal with the Rocket Launcher without worrying about splash damage, so don't worry if somebody suddenly appears in front of you. Just remember that weapons can still harm you, so don't think you're invincible.
  • Direct hit from explosive launchers can still harm Battle Suit users, but the Battle Suit user can spam explosives in tight quarters.
  • If you see somebody with a Battle Suit, take out a powerful and quick projectile weapon, such as the Plasma Gun or Railgun and use it against him. His suit only gives him little protection against non-splash damage and hitscan damages. Try to predict his movements (if possible), then blow him away. This strategy works very well with Quad Damage power up.
  • In any game mode other than FFA, work with your teammate, gang up on the Battle Suit user and his powerup will not do very well. This applies to Megahealth and Heavy Armor bearer also.
  • The Battle Suit will also keep the player from drowning and suffering fall damage. The Battle Suit does NOT protect you from the Void and/or The Fog of Death. The Battle Suit wearer is also invulnerable to the Kamikaze in Team Arena, but Kamikaze will push Battle Suit wearers and sometimes push to Void and/or The Fog of Death.

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