TR12 Badlands

The Reckoning


Unit 3

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The Badlands are a wild area beyond the boundaries of the Strogg industrial complex. The level is mostly outdoors and consists mainly of rough natural environment - narrows canyons and caves, surrounded by slimy rock walls. There are several underground tunnels and small pools of water as well.

Somewhere within this region, a gang of Gekk have made their secret lair. One of their recent acquisition is an Airstrike Marker, which they seem to be worshipping. The player will need this marker in order to complete his objectives at the Refinery.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard / Hard+

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#1: As you climb up into the outside area, take a moment to examine the sides of the hatch. One of the sides has a small grate inlaid—destroy it, and shoot the button behind. Then climb down the ladder and jump into the pool of water to find Adrenaline.

#2 & #3: When you reach the upper cliffs of the hatch area later in the stage, there are two ledges you can work your way up to by jumping on small, near-invisible ledges. One contains a suit of Body Armor, and the other, a Quad Damage power-up.

#4: To the left of the exit are some small ledges. Though it might not look like it's possible, you can actually just barely manage the jump to the lowest one. Follow them upwards to some Adrenaline.



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