Bfg3 g
Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 100 (direct impact)
  • 1-100 (splash damage)
Maximum Ammunition
Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

BFG Ammo (blue)


120 units splash damage radius

Rate of Fire
  • 300 rpm (5 BFG ammo per second)
  • 180 rpm (10 BFG ammo per 3 seconds in Quake Live)
Muzzle Velocity

2,000 units per second




Extremely long range of 20,000 units


In Quake 3 Arena, the BFG10K is a weapon that quickly fires deadly globs of Plasma. These globs can kill an unarmored and healthy target in one hit, and inflict a large splash damage around the point of impact. Only a few maps have it. The BFG10K is one of the few weapons that the players can kill themselves with, instead of saying he/she killed himself, it comes up as '(Player/NPC) should have used a smaller gun.'.

BFG stands for Bio Force Gun, although it is referred to as Big Fucking Gun. Some even refer to it as "Big Fragging Gun". The BFG10K in Quake 3 is sometimes viewed as an overpowered weapon. However, once you've got the BFG10K, you're essentially made a higher priority as a target when other players decide who to shoot in a crowded room.

It is rare to deplete all ammunition from the BFG10K before getting fragged (unless you rapidly spend ammo). The BFG gets its name from the incredibly powerful BFG 9000 from the Doom series, a game also developed by id Software.


  • The BFG10K is a very versatile weapon that can take out multiple foes quickly. It's essentially a Rocket Launcher with faster fire rate of a glorified Plasma Gun (so it is very different from the one in Quake 2), which makes it a great room clearer. Make sure to keep on moving so that it'll be harder for them to figure out where you are.
  • Along with the other splash damage weapons, BFG can harm its user if he/she is too close to the impact point. The BFG can be used to Rocket Jump, a bit higher than a Rocket Launcher can carry you.
  • Against one person, the BFG can wipe the target out with ease: it can wipe out an unarmored and healthy target in one blast. If a target gets near a point of impact, splash damage will take off most of, if not all of his health.
  • Try to lure a target into a closed area, so that it'll be harder for him to avoid splash damage. If your target is jumping, it should be shot on the floor near them so they will land on the blast area instead of evading it. Even with full Megahealth and Armor, 3-4 direct hits (2 with Quad Damage) is all it takes to take down an enemy.
  • If you're fighting somebody that has the BFG, try to get into an open area so that it's harder for them to make a direct impact. Always be on the move and jump, even though the BFG's splash damage hurts, you'll be able to survive the blast.
  • BFG has the one of smallest splash radius between missile based weapons. A simple BFG splash will deal relatively low damage compared to a rocket or grenade blast; due to damage could rapidly fall down depending on the target's distance from the center of the blast.
  • If you see a BFG user in confined area, leave ASAP to a bigger room. While you are avoiding projectiles fired from BFG, use more conventional weapon or the Railgun if you are far enough to counter BFG user.
  • Areas that have the BFG are usually hotly-contested areas. If you can, try to take control of the area the BFG is in at the start of the match. If not, try to slip in and take out the possessor behind his back, then finish off anybody that's left with it. If there are too many people, just ignore it. It's not worth constantly getting killed just for one weapon.
  • If you do get control of the area near the BFG, remember that extra BFGs only give out one extra unit of ammo (this does not apply in Quake Live, where each extra BFG will give you 10 more BFG cells), so be cautious, because the other players will also have this advantage, since it is multiplayer.
  • Always pick up BFG ammunition packs laying on the ground to reduce the BFG users' effectiveness in the map, whether you have the weapon or not. Add this small pickup to the list of important items when you see BFG energy balls flying around.
  • When using the BFG, try to fire one-two shot at a time. Its high rate of fire, combined with its low ammo reserve, can quickly eat up your ammo. Look for ammo packs deliberately.
  • The BFG can be a good luring weapon. Pulling out a different, weaker weapon, like a Machine Gun or a Plasma Gun, retreating, turning a corner and pulling out the BFG is a good way to catch people off guard. Make sure you do it quick, though, or you might have taken too much damage to effectively make use of the strategy.

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