Armor Shard (Q2)
Armor Shard
Found in

Special remnant of armors, which add a bit more durability to your existing protection.

—Quake 2 Manual

In Quake II, the Armor Shard gives the player 2 Armor points. Armor Shards are best used to repair damaged Armor; especially powerful Armor such as Body Armor. Armor Shards are fairly common.

If an Armor Shard is picked up when the wearer already has Armor, the Armor Shard will not affect the type of Armor the player currently has.


Armor Shards give out 2 Armor points every time they're picked up. If one doesn't have any Armor when a Shard is picked up, the Armor type will be Jacket Armor. If one kills a Light Guard, sometimes he will drop one Armor Shard, but this is really rare.

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