Comes in three flavors; green, yellow, and red, from weakest to most powerful.

—Quake Manual

In Quake, Armor is a Powerup that absorbs a certain amount of any damage (including any caused from drowning). When an Armor is picked up, the player gains a certain amount of Armor points depending on the type of Armor acquired. In Quake, the absorption rate also depends on the type of Armor. One cannot acquire a new suit of Armor if it is worse than what one is already wearing. Retrieving Armor doesn't change the colors the player has chosen for their Armor.

Furthermore, though the Pentagram of Protection will protect one from injury, it will not conserve Armor. This means that the drawback of that Powerup is that it is possible to lose Armor without knowing the amount one has (due to the counter reading "666" for the duration of the Pentagram's protection).

Types of Armor

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