Anarki is a Champion in Quake Champions.

Bio Edit

Anarki's rebellion began with the usual self-vandalism, but he craved something greater, and found it in transhumanism. Addiction, injury, disease...Why tolerate flesh if he could replace it? Using family riches he underwent increasingly extreme cybernetic surgeries.

After a microelectrode pierced his pineal gland, Anarki perceived a surreal, alien reality breakthrough. He eagerly sought more procedures, ignoring the insomnia.Each strengthened his perception of the hidden realm.

But only once he met a girl who saw it, too, was he sure he could reach it.

Statistics Edit

Start Max
Health (QC)
75 75
Armor (QC)
25 50
Speed (QC)
320 600


ACTIVE: Anarki uses a syringe to inject himself with an unknown substance, returning all health and adding 1 health to his permanent stack.. The health boost does not rot, nor does it appear to deplete after death. Try to use Anarki's speed to quickly get a hold of some hourglasses and shorten the cooldown

Passive: Aircontrol allows Anarki to change directions while in midair, which CPMA and Quakeworld players will be familiar with.

Videos Edit

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