Ammo-Regen, also known as Armor-Regen, is a Persistent Team Power-up that will be carried by the player until they are fragged. Team Power-ups are not limited by time and grant their abilities passively. It doesn't drop from player when he or she is fragged, instead it reappears back at the team's base.

Ammo-Regen is only present in Team Arena and replenishes weapon ammunition to its default value slowly for every 1.5 seconds, also increasing the firing rate. The player can shoot faster than the replenish speed. Players who possess this power-up generally prefer defensive weapons or heavy hitters like the Railgun and Proximity Mine Launcher.

Armor-Regen is a revamped version of Ammo-Regen, only present in Quake Live. It slowly regenerates the bearer's armor back, with a 100 limit, and replenishing 10 units of armor a second. Armor-Regen players generally become the carriers of the team; hunting power-up spawns, carrying heads or flag.


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