A list of Notable Quotes spoken by Alejandro Cortez.


  • "Ha ha ha, so you did survived. I won the bet with Rhodes. You were not properly introduced I am Alejandro Cortez, Rhino Squad sharpshooter, Lieutenant ordering all the squad will be on the the hanger, the way to over there is through that door."
  • "Just think of it, Rhino Squad will be passably to turn the tide of the war. We will be saving the human race."
  • "Ah Corporal Kane, I trust you ready for the mission. Hopefully, Voss can proved you to be useful for the squad."
  • "Lieutenant Morris, this is Cortez do you read me?"
  • "I have hijacked a Strogg tram transport to the terminal and reaching to the Tram Hub Station. Hopefully, I try to aid some of the forces coming along."
  • "I know the tram track have be destroyed! I will most likely have to go to the main station."
  • "Hello Kane, you're quite lucky I didn't shot you. When I saw the strogg face of your crossfire."
  • "But then, when I killed you I would lose to Rhodes. But I will not do. I on my way to the processing tower, why don't you accompany me ? But before we can process, this tram need to rotated into proper direction."
  • "Lead the way and let us see, we can find the hub control room."
  • "Excellent, this look to be the hub control room. See, if you can find some way to rotate the tram."
  • "Very good Kane, the tram is now facing the right direction. But it appear that the track is damaged. Perhaps, we can use some of the Strogg repair bot to fix the track. There is a door leading to the construction site below the track. You maybe can acquired some repair bot there. I am remain here to guard the track."
  • "Excellent Kane, the track has be repaired. Return to the tram, so we can be on our way to the processing tower."
  • "I must apologize for the condition of this tram, it has been damaged and will not run at full speed."
  • "Yes, we're just arrived!
  • "But I hope to stay with Kane."
  • "Very well, Cortez out!"
  • "I am sorry Kane, but I must go. Good luck to you, my friend."

Engaging StroggEdit

  • "Squib prepare to die!"

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