Lv.2 Air Defense Trenches
Air Defense Trenches

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Air Defense Bunker

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Air Defense Bunker

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Air Defensive Trenches is the 2nd level in Quake 4.

The protagonist main objective is to catch up with the rest of his squad at the Air Defensive Cannon. After the player kills some Stroggs and catches up with his squad. They are pinned down by enemy Flyers. Sergeant Bidwell gives Kane and Sergeant Morris a mission to destroy the interior hangars inside, so the invasion and allowing the ground forces to be deploying without being such a problem.


This Walkthrough is based on "Lieutenant" difficulty, extra caution is required for "General" difficulty players

Regroup with Rhino and Viper Squads

After the airlock opens, you will on your own in the facility, there is one Grant waiting for you near the control room exit, after that, you are pretty safe until you step outdoors. Massive fighting still occurs around you. After you see a SMC Walker being destoryed, follow a fellow marine to meet the rest of the Rhino squad. The route is pretty straight forword that you don't need to worry about getting lost, the only thing you need to worry is the enemies, Guards, Grants and Berserkers will appear in the trenches and try to stop you. Because you will not have enough Machine Gun ammunition for all of them, you will need Blaster to fend off Guards, with the help of your teammate, this level should not be too hard. Berserkers will attempt to surprise you by appearing around the corner, so you should have you Machine Gun ready, your teammates can handle themselves at the early stage of the game, unless the objective requires you to escort them. If you need supply, there are serveral path from the main one, some will have crates with ammo, health and armor in them. Fight your way to the Airlock and the level will end. 



  • Small Medkit
  • Large Medkit
  • Clips
  • Armor Shards
  • Small Armor Vest




  • This is the last level in Quake 4 demo.


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